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Regarding Migration from other states issue of central OBC certificates


Govt. of India, Ministry of Welfare

Letter No.12011/11/94-BCC(C) New Delhi dated 8 April 1994

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The Chief Secretaries 
All State Governments and
UT Administrations.


Subject: Issuing of Other Backward Class Certificates to migrants from other States/UTs



In continuation of the DOPT's letter of 36012/22/93-Estt. (SCT) dated 15 November, 1993, I am directed to say that it has been represented to this Department that persons belonging to OBCs who have migrated from one State to another for the purpose of employment, education, etc. experience great difficulty in obtaining caste certificates from the State from which they have migrated. In order to remove this difficulty, it has been decided that the prescribed authority of a State/U.T. Administration in terms of the DOPT letter No.36012/22/93-Estt.(SCT) dated 15th November, 1993 may issue the OBC Certificate to a person who has migrated from another State on the production of a genuine certificate issued to his father by the prescribed authority of the State of his father's origin except where the prescribed authority feels that a detailed enquiry is necessary through the State of origin before the issue of the Certificate.


2. The Certificate will be issued irrespective of whether the OBC candidate in question is included in the list of OBC pertaining to the State/U.T. to which the person has migrated. The facility does not alter the OBC status of the person in relation to the one or the other State/U.T. The OBC person on migration from the State/U.T. of his origin to another State/U.T. where his caste is not in the OBC list is entitled to the concessions/benefits admissible to the OBCs from the State of his origin and Union Government but not from the State where he has migrated.


3. It is requested that all competent authorities may be advised to issue the OBC Certificate after satisfying themselves of the correctness of the Certificate. The Lists of the Competent Authorities empowered as per DOPT's circular of 15 November 1993 may be followed strictly. No other authorities may be allowed to issue the OBC Certificates.


Yours faithfully,


(M.S. Pandit)

Joint Secretary to the Govt. of India.


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